Alphabet Book of Plants!

Since I’ve had my little twin boys, I’ve fallen in love (again) with children’s books….especially picture books…board picture books. 😉 Eric Carle is probably one of my all time favorites, and I’ve been collecting his books every time I get the chance. Whenever my husband and I go to Half Price Books, I head straight to the special shelf dedicated to Eric Carle to see if there are any I don’t have yet. I love his books. So much.

Anyway, so I decided I wanted to write (and illustrate) a children’s book, because I love reading them to my boys, and….I just really wanted to do it. I love the age group 0-2 ish, so I decided I wanted to write an alphabet book (yeah yeah, like the world doesn’t have enough of those….shut up.)…..of plants! I love nature (surprise!) and pictures, and books, so it just worked.

As of right now, I have the manuscript ready, I just need to get the pictures. Funny story: I was planning on drawing each plant, but after drawing after drawing, I decided that my skills are not good enough for what I wanted on the page. (I’m actually a decent artist….just not decent enough!) I though about IF my book were to be chosen by a publisher, what kind of illustrations would I get? Do I want do self-publish and hire an illustrator? No. I want this whole book to be MINE. [insert Gollum quote: “my precious”] Long story short, I decided to use photographs. I want to use mine, but no way on earth do I have the time or resources to go around photographing every plant (many of which don’t even grow where I live…) with twin baby boys. Then I thought, “Hmmmmm… it kosher to use stock photos in books?”. Screw it, yes it is. The only problem is finding high quality stock photos…which I like to think I’m pretty good at…..I may be mediocre at many, many things, but the Internet is not one of them! Just ask anyone close to me: I’m pretty much the Queen of Finding Things on the Internet. So I’ve found what I need, I just need to buy the licenses. $$$….well, not actually that expensive, but one thing I’ve realized: after you have twins (or any kids, for that matter), you will never have money ever again. Tangent–let’s go through the list:

  1. Get AC repair guy to come inspect and fix AC unit
  2. Twins get hand foot and mouth (THE WORRRRRRRRRSST)
  3. Different AC unit breaks (two story house…in Texas…in July)
  4. Pay $$$ to fix old car so it can pass inspection enough to last another year (maybe)
  5. Buy a minivan (I literally couldn’t fit two of the next size car seats in my tiny little car)
  6. AC breaks again…different part replace
  7. Replaced leaking water heater
  8. Root canal for momma, because she put her face too close to Baby-With-A-Huge-Plastic-Cup
  9. AC breaks again….completely different part
  10. Need a new tire
  11. Etc.

You get the point. Now I sound super complainy, but that’s what’s happened. I’m waiting until we aren’t paying a bajillion dollars every month to spend a little money on some pictures. (which I’m super excited about!!! I found pretty much exactly what I had pictured–no pun intended)

After that, the plan is to set up a Kickstarter project so that I can publish the books myself. I looked into self-publishing with Amazon and others, but it just wasn’t what I wanted. I’m going to print the board books with Print Ninja, and hopefully sell lots of them on Amazon and whatever website I decide to set up. I really like the book, and I hope y’all do too! (But hey, if no one is interested in funding me, I’ll just make some for myself and my friends…..but I really want other people to be interested….because I’m normal. Ish.*)


*No. I am not normal. Not even “ish”.