Mugen: the poopy

My first animal to show off is my puppy dog, Mugen. (I don’t know if any of you have watched Samurai Champloo, but if you have, yes, he is named after that Mugen…if you haven’t, you should watch it.)

My husband and I adopted him last October when he was a wee four months old and really shy. He still is afraid of the weirdest things, but he is an incredibly smart dog. (Not to mention, extremely cute!) In addition, he loves to “growl” me awake in the morning to feed him. (He also used to not like bananas for some reason, and you can see a video I took here.)

Before we even met the lil’ guy, he was a cute little fuzzy muffin. 

Most definitely one of his top pictures…

What a handsome boy.

When we adopted him, he was listed as a St. Bernard mix, but as you can see, he looks anything but! We’ve decided he’s a Border Collie/Blue Heeler mix, and we think that’s pretty accurate. Either way, he’s super good at catching frisbees! (A dream come true for my husband)

Coming soon: Mugen and his little friend, Scout, don’t hold back when they play…you’ll see. She’s a feisty little puppy.


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